Rules for SCUDEM VIII 2023

  1. SCUDEM is for 3 member teams of students at the undergraduate or high school level.
  2. Each team will have a coach.
  3. Challenge begins one minute after midnight (12:01 AM) Eastern US Time Zone Friday, 20 October 2023 with the posting of Challenge problems to each team and coach.
  4. During the challenge period, no assistance from living people other than your team members can be used on the problem effort. Coaches are free to help their teams prepare before the challenge begins. During the challenge, coaches are limited to moral support — we recommend pep talks and check-ins to be sure the group is working together in a positive manner.
  5. The team should produce a self-contained video of no longer than 10 minutes explaining your solution to one and only one of the challenge problems.
  6. The first screen of the video must contain a) assigned Team number, b) Problem Letter (A, B, or C) and title, and c) full name of team members and coach including institution with full location (city, state/province, and country) for each.
  7. Student team submissions will be in English and judge comments will also be in English.
  8. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube and marked as Unlisted, and a SCUDEM Team Video Submission Form submitted before the end of the Challenge.
  9. Challenge ends one minute before midnight (11:59 PM) Eastern US Time Zone on Sunday, 13 November 2023.

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