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Information for Judges

SCUDEM needs volunteer faculty judges for a one-hour time commitment during the two week period 19 November–4 December 2023 which occurs after the end of SCUDEM Challenge Period.

Registration is open.

The essence of SCUDEM is the modeling and team experience for each student and the professional networking of students, faculty, and industry colleagues. Hundreds of colleagues from academe, industry, government, and non-profit organizations have enjoyed seeing and supporting our student participants, For SCUDEM VI 2021 each team received on average 10+ sets of constructive judge's comments. This is very valuable for their growth.

Each judge will be assigned three 10 minute team videos on one of the three problems. These videos will be available on YouTube to judge. SCUDEM provides an easy, but powerful scoring rubric and an opportunity to provide constructive comments on each presentation. The entire judging time commitment should be no more than one hour and will be very much appreciated by student beneficiaries as well as SCUDEM operations. Judges may also elect to consider more than three team submissions.

Meaningful, constructive, and timely feedback for students helps them grow intellectually and improves modeling and mathematical skills, as well as self-efficacy in modeling. Meaningful feedback on their submission aids them in their reflection on the SCUDEM experience.

Student team submissions will be in English and judge comments will also be in English.

You may wish to read the complete rules for SCUDEM VIII 2023.

We thank you for your willingness to engage on behalf of students around the world. Faculty who have judged in SCUDEM have found the experience EXTREMELY rewarding and have had their faith enhanced in our mathematical future from reading the work of these teams.

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