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Registration for Students, Coaches, and Judges


Each team member should register themselves. If you don't have your own team or coach when you register, SIMIODE will match you up with a coach and other participants to create a complete 3 person team.

Registration is $20 USD per person.


You can register even if you do not know your team members yet as SIMIODE will match you with a team if need be.

Paying for your team

Students are responsible for their own registration fee. However, if you wish to pay on behalf of your students, use the student payment link above. Add the registration payments to your cart and click Add a note to your order to list the students you are paying for. Regardless of the payer, all students must complete the student registration form.


You can serve as both a coach and a judge. Of course you will not be asked to judge your own team.

We offer our sincere appreciation for your service since we cannot do this without you. Judging will begin on 19 November 2022 and should be completed by 4 December 2022.

SCUDEM is organized by SIMIODE, a US registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We accept financial contributions in support of SCUDEM at any level with which you are comfortable. This is in addition to your much-appreciated time contribution.

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