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Join us for SCUDEM VI 2021
23 October–14 November 2021

Registration Open Now

SCUDEMSIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations Modeling is a 3-student group modeling challenge that runs over multiple days culminating in a 10 minute video which is reviewed by at least 3 judges. Teams and Coaches may meet remotely. Team submissions will be judged Outstanding, Meritorious, or Successful.

Teams choose one of the Challenge Problems provided in the areas of

  • physics/engineering,
  • chemistry/life sciences,
  • social sciences/humanities,

and develop a model using differential or difference equations and a presentation.

Watch the Collegial Conversation webinar from 27 September 2021, conducted by Brian Winkel (Director SIMIODE) and Anthony Stefan (Florida Institute of Technology) for practical advice for Coaches and Student Challengers. The slides of the presentation include helpful links to details and guiding materials.

See presentations from SCUDEM V 2020 Outstanding Award recipients at SIMIODE's YouTube playlist. Read the full details about all our past events, including problem statements and results, in our wiki.

Read the Complete Rules for details of the challenge.

We especially need volunteer Coaches so please consider finding time to guide young people on this journey.

SCUDEM is administered by SIMIODE, a non-profit Community of Practice focused on a modeling first approach to teaching differential equations. We are in the process of migrating fully to QUBES.

Please feel free to share this News Release about SCUDEM VI 2021 with colleagues.

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