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  • Created 20 Nov 2020

Day 3: Setting up your Developing Environment

Session 0: Review

  • Reflect on the content that we have posted so far. If you would have trouble doing any of these things or if you have questions about how to go further in these topics, seek out a TA or instructor. We'll give you the first 30 minutes of session 1 to review on your own, with your group, and with the teaching staff.

Session 1: Basics of version control and python environments

  • High-level overview of "programming environments", repositories, and Github (slides)

  • Install miniconda on your BDSS node

  • Create a Github account

Session 2: Lab

  • Watch video on how to start using someone else’s github materials. Follow along with the video to work through the problem solving steps. Supplementary Instructions.

  • Use your knowledge of Github to find a repository of interest to you. Don’t know where to start? Here is a repository that is a list of lists of other cool repositories!



Session 3:Trip to Tahoe

We will be taking everyone to Lake Tahoe and show off some of our data collection tools.