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To the Double Helix and Beyond: Exploring DNA Structure and Function in 3D

Presentation describing how the Double Helical model of DNA was determined and how it has helped us understand various biological processes and also design new molecules.

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UCSF Chimera Tutorials

A collections of Video tutorials for using UCSF Chimera for:

1: Loading PDB coordinates into the software, manipulating the structure in 3D, and saving session.

2: Menus

3: Selecting parts of a protein structure

4: Analyzing and exploring a protein structure

5: Comparing the structures of two related proteins/domains and visualizing the superposed structures of these proteins/domains.


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Visualization exercise

This file guides you to use UCSF Chimera to explore the structures of substrate-DNA and product-DNA bound complexes with a restriction enzyme.

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Prepare your computer

Instructions for preparing your computer for visualizing and exploring structures from the Protein Data Bank

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