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Make Your Move: Interpreting graphs of pollinator behavior

Author(s): Rachel Pigg1, Suann Yang2

1. University of Louisville 2. SUNY Geneseo

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This lesson was designed for a 75-min class period with in-person delivery. Target student level is introductory biology for majors. The materials here include an instructor guide (1_LessonGuide_MakeYourMove), an in-class presentation (Google slides; 2_PresentationSlides_MakeYourMove), a summative assessment (3_SummativeAssessment_MakeYourMove), and a link to the interview with Dr. Suann Yang, (BioGraphI Interview with Dr. Suann Yang)

Quantitative learning objectives

  • Interpret graphs and/or data figures related to the concepts from this lesson 
  • Reflect on your perceptions about using graphs or figures in biology.

Diversity/equity/inclusion learning objectives

  • Reflect on your perceptions of people who do biology.
  • Compare your own interests and/or identities to those of people who do biology.

Content learning objectives

  • Name the levels at which biodiversity is measured, and identify examples of each level.
  • Identify examples of the major interspecific interactions.
  • Relate outcomes of competition to competitive exclusion, resource partitioning, and character displacement. 

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