Workshop Statistics: Discovery with Data, A Bayesian Approach

By Jim Albert1, Allan Rossman2

1. Bowling Green State University 2. Dickinson College

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Workshop Statistics:  Discovery with DataA Bayesian Approach, Key College Press; ISBN: 1930190123 (coauthored with Allan J. Rossman of Dickinson College) is a collection of classroom and homework activities designed to introduce the student to concepts in data analysis, probability, and statistical inference.  Students work toward learning these concepts through the analysis of genuine data and hands-on probability experiments and through interaction with one another, with their instructor, and with technology.  Providing a one-semester introduction to fundamental ideas in statistics for college and advanced high school students, this text is designed for courses that employ an interactive learning environment by replacing lectures with hands-on activities.

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This text is distinctive with respect to two aspects --- its emphasis on active learning and its use of the Bayesian viewpoint to introduce the basic notions of statistical inference."

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  • Albert J, Rossman AJ.  Workshop Statistics:  Discovery with DataA Bayesian Approach. 2009.  Key College Press; ISBN: 1930190123 

  • Jim Albert; Allan Rossman (2015), "Workshop Statistics: Discovery with Data, A Bayesian Approach,"

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