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AIMS- Analyzing Images to learn Mathematics and Statistics - studying leaf cutter ants to learn linear regression

By Jeremy M Wojdak

Radford University

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Licensed according to this deed.

Published on


This resource has been updated - find the current version here:

This is a teaching resource that uses fascinating images and videos of leaf cutter ants foraging in Panama to provide an engaging context for students to learn about mathematics and statistics.  Students frame their own research questions, collect real primary data via image analysis software, and can test those hypotheses in subsequent data analysis.  The inquiry can vary from  instructor-guided to very open.  The quantitative focus is currently on regression analysis, but there it would be easy to extend or adapt the materials to teach other quantitative skills.  The current materials would be appropriate for AP Bio or undergraduate biology classrooms.

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  • Wojdak JM.  2014.  AIMS - Analyzing Images to learn Mathematics and Statistics - leaf cutter ants to learn linear regression.