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Meeting Number

Date (2016)

Topic (tentative)


January 6

Blog post:  Planning.  In your blog, please include your plans to implement the module(s) in your Spring course.  The blog should include the name(s) of the modules and their associated units, anticipated dates of implementation, and your plans to prepare for the implementation.


January 20

Guest speaker.  TBD; Will discuss the module development process and their input on how the module may be used in a biology course.  


February 3

Content resource.  Find a resource that provides supporting information for the module, share it in the Content Resource collection, and answer a few questions prior to discussing it together.  The resource should provide background content knowledge (e.g. soil guide, video, tutorial, scientific literature).


February 17

Teaching resource.  Find a resource that is related to one of the modules that will help you teach the module (e.g. a primary paper that faculty plan to use, a textbook chapter, an online tutorial, a video). You will answer a few questions in a forum post prior to discussing it together.


March 2

Pedagogical resource.  Scroll through the Table of Contents of one education journal (e.g. Journal of Geoscience Education, NSTA) and answer a few questions on a forum post about (1) the themes of articles published, (2) one article that peeked your interest.  


March 16

Share draft.  No later than 2 weeks prior to implementation, share a draft of your plan for implementation, including links to ancillary materials that you will use to implement the module activities.  


March 30

Assessment.  In a forum post, comment on specific activities within the module and how you are going to use them.  We will provide prompts about planning for assessment, linking assessment to your objectives, and the (expected) results of your assessments.  


April 13

Blog post:  Implementation.  You will blog about the implementation of your module activities in your course.  This can serve as your first draft of your instructor story (required).  


April 27

De-brief and reflect.  Be sure all of your student surveys have been completed and reflect upon the effectiveness of the module in your course.  We will discuss the successes and challenges.  


May 31

Last day of project