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  • Created 20 Aug 2015

InTeGrate Kick-Off at NABT

Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Location: 552B, Rhode Island Convention Center


8:00-8:30AM, Registration/Check-In

  • We will use GapMinder in our morning session. Please check that it works on your computer (here). You can download an off-line version here. We will have a few flash-drives with this off-line version, in case of connectivity issues.
  • We will provide morning coffee and a small snack

8:30AM-12:00PM, Large Group activity

  • We will partner with another Faculty Mentoring Network for the morning session so we will do brief introductions
  • We will work with the large group on a GapMinder activity designed to identify good pedagogical practices and how to implement these in your courses. The activity will focus on using Gapminder in the context of the "Map Your Hazards" module.

12:00-1:00PM, Lunch

  • Box lunch provided

1:00-2:00PM, Small group activity

  • We will split into our respective faculty mentoring networks in the afternoon
  • We will explore the module "A Growing Concern" and discuss approaches to integrating biological concepts with geoscience-based materials

2:00-2:15PM, Break

  • Coffee and snacks will be provided

2:15-4:15,  Small group activity    

  • We will work with participants to develop a plan for implementing the modules in your classroom.

4:15-4:30, Wrap up

  • We will wrap up with some planning for your future small group meetings.                       

What to bring:

  • Computer
  • Calendar
  • Syllabus for the course in which you plan to use modules
  • Download GapMinder (found here) *OR* ensure that the online version (found here) loads correctly on your computer
  • For those of you that need to process payment for the conference, there will be conference management representatives available on Wednesday. It may be worthwhile to bring a credit card or checkbook to process payment - you will need to do this in order to receive your NABT name badge

If something happens with your travel, please email Alison to let her know of any delays.