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  • Created 26 Jan 2015

Week 1:

  • Introduce yourself to group participants in the "Introductions" forum.
  • Download Populus and get familiar with the software.
  • Review and comment on existing Populus resources for the classroom. For additional instructions, click here.
  • Kick-off: Group chat session

Week 2:

  • Review the mathematics underlying a Populus model using the Populus Help file and outside resources.
  • Create a mini-poster in which the biological meaning of model parameters is described in language appropriate for the undergraduate level.

Week 3:

  • Search for a primary research paper that relates to one of the Populus models. Post the paper as a resource to the group. For tips on submitting a resource, check out these helpful guidelines put together by the Pitt undergraduates. NOTE: If the paper is open access, you may submit the pdf as a resource. If the paper is NOT open access, please post just the link to the paper abstract.
  • Brainstorm in the "Linking Research to Populus" forum how the research paper could be used in conjunction with a Populus activity.

Week 4:

  • Generate a curriculum sketch that you would use in one of your classes that is based on a Populus model
  • Provide feedback on the group in the "Feedback on Faculty Mentoring Network" forum
  • Wrap-up: Group chat session