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SCUDEM VI 2021 Results

Detailed Results

This report includes general statistics on participation, overview and country/region of origin of participants, as well as numbers of awards and levels for each of the problems posted.

Individual teams and their coaches have already been contacted with their specific award information and judges’ responses.

Selected Results

Award Level Number Percent
Outstanding 26 31.71%
Meritorious 40 48.78%
Successful 16 19.51%
Totals 82 100.00%

Problem A

Problem A: Hair Pulling To Line Your Nest
Award Level Number
Outstanding 8
Meritorious 16
Successful 5
Total 29

Problem B

Problem B: Throw The Bike Or Throw The Race
Award Level Number
Outstanding 10
Meritorious 15
Successful 8
Total 33

Problem C

Problem C: Submitted a Tweet, Now What?
Award Level Number
Outstanding 8
Meritorious 9
Successful 3
Total 20

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