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    I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Villanova University. I incorporate the Biological Sciences in my graduate courses in Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modeling, and I have been involved in some math-bio-computing crossover programs in the past (NSF, HHMI). Our department has joined with the Biology Department and the program in Cognitive and Behavioral Neurosciences to redesign the quantitative offerings for our students in various Life Sciences majors. We have replaced a two-semester sequence on Life Sciences Calculus with three new courses: one semester of Biocalculus, one semester of Biostatistics, and a new course called Modeling for the Life Sciences. I have taught several editions of this new course with tweaks at every iteration. The course is meant to be a survey from the mathematical (discrete, continuous, statistical) perspective as well as on the biological side. I included a module from my QUBES Faculty Mentoring Network involvement in the latest edition. I look forward to following up on that and getting lots of new ideas from my Life Sciences colleagues through the summer institute!

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