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This resource provides rich student modeling activities and materials, teacher resources, and much more, in the realm of agent based models applied to population biology.  From the website,

"The ModelSim project approaches its four core curriculum areas (Evolution, Population Biology, Electricity, and the Particulate Nature of Matter) with a distinctive and unified approach: in each of these subject areas, we encourage students to conceive of fundamental real-world phenomena in new ways.  And in each case, we provide learning environments for exercising this new way of thinking, which build on students’ intuitions to develop powerful and grounded understandings. 

This fundamentally new way of thinking is called “agent-based modeling.”  Within this perspective, complex phenomena are viewed as emerging from interactions between systems of simple elements, or “agents.”  By focusing on the behavior of these simple agents, and by using computational modeling to simulate interactions between many of these agents, scientists in a wide range of disciplines are introducing powerful new research methods."

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