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QUBES Faculty Mentoring Networks

FMNs are topically focused, sustained, immersive, community based professional development experiences.  Ideas for FMN topics arise from the community, and the QUBES staff provides support for the process.  FMNs are announced in the QUBES newsletter.  If you are interested in leading an FMN, contact the QUBES FMN Manager, Deb Rook (deb "dot" rook "at" bioquest "dot "org) 

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DeafTEC Training Workshop

DeafTEC offers four types of training workshops. 
Project Access
Working Together: Deaf and Hearing People
Writing in the Disciplines
Promoting Student Success in Math Through Best Practices

Check the website for schedules and locations.



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BioQUEST Summer Workshop

Annual summer workshop for high school and college faculty.  This year's theme focuses on research experiences for students.  

June 22-17, 2020
University of Pittsburgh

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National Center for Science Case Study Teaching in Science

Collection of peer reviewed cases across science disciplines - requires a $25 annual fee for access.

Offers several annual workshops on developing and using cases. 

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Neuroscience Case Network

NeuroCaseNet is a network of current and future faculty that are interested in development, use and research on case studies and PBL teaching methods in neuroscience curricula.

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HITS: High-throughput Discovery Science & Inquiry-based Case Studies for Today's Students

...this Research Coordination Network in Undergraduate Biology Education (RCN-UBE) seeks to improve student quantitative skills and participation in high-throughput discovery...learn about high-throughput technologies and work together to create novel case studies that will demystify high-throughput approaches and promote discovery science to reinforce cornerstone STEM concepts and quantitative skills in the college classroom.

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