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Workshop Description

Science is a place to explore our world through curiosity and creativity, connecting with colleagues who share our passions.  Engaging students in undergraduate research experiences is an effective way to introduce them to this way of sense making and the disciplinary cultures that support it.  Many scientists have a story of how they found their way into this community through a student research experience. However, equally important are the undergraduate experiences that give students confidence as informed citizens to evaluate and critique the use of science.Undergraduate research experiences (UREs) are increasingly popular, and a wide range of approaches have been adopted, from paid internships to a classroom experience. Although the delivery may be different based on the institutional environment or the student’s academic level, all UREs involve students in authentic scientific experiences that are meaningful to them and the broader scientific community. 

Join your colleagues at the QUBES & BioQUEST 2020 Summer Workshop, "Cultivating Scientific Curiosity"  to explore how different styles of UREs intersect with good pedagogical practices, increase quantitative biology skills, and promote inclusivity and diversity.  We will also explore and some of the key challenges around these important issues in teaching including mentoring, logistics, and funding.  This workshop is appropriate for faculty from all types of undergraduate institutions, including community colleges, PUIs, and MSIs.  The workshop supports interdisciplinary collaborations, particularly between life science, mathematics and statistics faculty and institutional teams are encouraged to apply. High school faculty offering research experiences or collaborating with undergraduate faculty are invited to participate.  Future faculty may consider applying to the “Future Faculty” program. Workshop organizers are committed to providing an accessible and inclusive experience for all participants. 

You should participate if you are interested in: 

  • Considering how pedagogical practices such as undergraduate research experiences can improve student success

  • Exploring existing models of authentic research experiences and sharing ideas on development, implementation, and funding

  • Learning about mentoring, educational resources and practices, and funding opportunities for authentic research experiences and other evidence based practices

  • Collaborating with colleagues to design course materials,

  • Joining a community of committed, enthusiastic educators.

Workshop Goals

  • Use evidence based pedagogical approaches to develop teaching materials for your classroom.
  • Engage in Open Education Practices.
  • Increase awareness and implementation of inclusive, accessible pedagogical practices.  
  • Actively participate in a community of like minded peers before, during and after the workshop. 

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