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The Math Modeling Hub (MMHub) and CourseSource partnered to develop and support a Math Modeling Writers’ Workshop, based on the CourseSource Writing Studio program. The goals of the program were to generate a cadre of skilled practitioners who are prepared to help grow that MMHub community and its resources, develop a sustainable, repeatable model for cultivating resources and collaboration in the MMHub community, provide feedback to CourseSourse on online workshop implementation, and recruit mathematicians as collaborators to CourseSource to address a recognized need for quantitative resources. The project largely met the intended impacts from the original proposal.  The Fall 2020 MMHub Writers Workshop model successfully developed both community and resources in support of math modeling education. Furthermore, our experiences suggest that the workshop, in this format, is reasonable to deliver and implement, from the perspective of both the participants and the organizers. 




Lessons Learned

Implementing collaborative team management strategies is key

  • A team facilitation approach helped distribute responsibilities and participant support at manageable levels across the three project coordinators. 

  • To maintain consistency and avoid confusion, major communications went through one person for each group.

  • Flexibility with the timeline, as well as identifying tasks that were able to be completed in manageable portions, allowed folks to work at their own pace, an important feature when considering all the other responsibilities everyone has. 

Stakeholder participation is key: Wide variation in subject matter, scope, and aspect(s) of the modeling process incorporated in the lesson created challenges for facilitators and participants. In the future, if possible, it may be helpful for workshop participants to be selected with an eye toward a more common focus. That said, there was value in demonstrating the breadth through which modeling is taught in our community by hosting a workshop featuring a wide range of approaches.


For more information, contact Ben Galluzzo,