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SIMIODE (Systemic Initiative for Modeling Investigations and  Opportunities with Differential Equations) partnered with QUBESHub to migrate every instance (Resources, Blogs, Forums, Groups, Presentations, etc.)  from SIMIODE to QUBES.  The expected benefits to SIMIODE of this collaboration were technical (implementation of QUBES capability of gaining usage data, development of common Tags Ontology and Search engine enhancements) and community (benefits associated with being in same space as other relevant communities, e.g., Math Modeling HUB, and ability to build professional relationships for modeling, mathematics and biology connections, and technical competencies and developments; and use of QUBES’s successful community features, including Blogs, Forums, Comments, Structures; use of established Faculty Mentoring Networks as a way to build community).  At the same time, QUBES benefited by broadening the base of the QUBES communities, the influx of OER resources related to biological modeling and the mathematics of differential equations, gaining tech expertise from SIMIODE’s two Technical Directors, and financial support in the form of SIMIODE contributions for housing SIMIODE.


  • New SIMIODE website on QUBES - expected by May, 2021

  • Creation of a technical template for stand-alone projects within QUBES


Lessons Learned

Implementing collaborative team management strategies is key: 

  • Set and keep realistic schedules that respect the complex lives and schedules of all involved.

  • Delegate properly with accountability and commitment.

Stakeholder participation is key: Bring expertise to the project.

Keep final goals in mind, even during a pilot: Make sure the project is mutually beneficial and all participants support the project goals.


For more information contact Brian Winkel,