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After completing this subunit you will be able to: 

  • Generate an abstract for an adapted resource that adheres to best practices. 


The abstract is short, sweet, and to the point. There is a 255 character limit on the abstract field, that's just under the modern day limit for a tweet. The abstract provides browsing users with a bit more information than the title and often determines if they will click the resource or not. 

Best Practices for Writing Abstracts

  1. Abstract adheres to 255 character limit.
  2. Abstract describes material in this adaptation.
  3. Abstract is distinct information from the title.
  4. Abstract highlights a key feature.

More examples are below, again with the original followed by two adaptations. Remember, you can view the abstracts without leaving this page by clicking the green button in the upper right corner of the card. 

Figure of the Day

Arietta Fleming-Davies, Jeremy M Wojdak

Version: 1.0

Students use their number sense to make observations and come up with reasonable guesses or explanations for the patterns shown.
graphs, math attitudes, Resources @ BIOMAAP, Interpreting Graphs, Teaching material, High School, Undergraduate

Additional Figures of the Day - Parasitology

Elizabeth Hamman

Version: 1.0 Adapted From: Figure of the Day v1.0

These additional figures were used in a Parasitology course (juniors and seniors) at Radford University.
graphs, math attitudes, Resources @ BIOMAAP, Interpreting Graphs, Lab, Teaching material, Lecture, High School, Undergraduate, Less than 1 hour
Students use their number sense to make observations and explain or guess at patterns shown, discussing in a weekly online Q&A forum.
graphs, online learning, math anxiety, online forum, math attitudes, Resources @ BIOMAAP, Interpreting Graphs, discussion forum, Comparative genomics, introductory, Online course, Teaching material, Undergraduate, Advanced, Majors, Non-majors, Classroom Climate, Promoting Engagement and Self-Efficacy, Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

These abstracts all adhere to the character limit, describe the material, include distinct information from the title, and highlight key features. These best practices are not made to be prescriptive, but rather a guide to use while generating information that best describes and highlights your work. 

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